See all our class offerings below. We have a variety of classes available to suit the needs of all our members.



Surya Namaskar Flow (Sun Salutations) that will energise the body, stretch and strengthen all major muscle groups in sun salutations. Perfect to awaken the spine in the mornings before work and merge with the suns energy through the Vedic tradition of chanting Sanskrit mantras to raise your levels of vibrations and prana (energy).

Some yoga experience is recommended.



A heated yoga class designed to detoxify, strengthen and improve stability whilst promoting concentration and clarity of mind. Hatha is an in depth practice with detailed alignment.  The poses are accessible to most people and there is sufficient recovery between poses, but that’s not to say that this class is easy – holding strong postures can be challenging.

All levels / Experience welcome



Dive into the flow as we ride the breath over the waves of the body-mind, linking breath to movement for a floaty series of sequences designed to restore the sense of flow to our lives.

We will move through sequences with the option to progress or modify throughout, so you can flow with where your body is today. The pace of this class is a little faster than the Slow Vinyasa class and offers more variety of poses including some more challenging poses.

Some yoga experience is recommended.



Exactly as the name sounds – Dynamic Flow is a vinyasa inspired class where you will find power, grace, fluidity and ease in fresh new sequences. Each class empowers students to embrace their multi dimensionality through a cardiovascular, yet smooth, intuitive, fluid sequence intended to leave you feeling refreshed, inspired and renewed.

Students are encouraged to feel comfortable with our Hatha and Vinyasa Flow classes before taking Dynamic Flow.
Not recommended for beginners.



Yin Yoga concentrates on floor postures that stretch connective tissue, the ligaments and fascia that bind bone-to-bone at the joints. Deep stretching allows for proper joint alignment and overall better balance within the body.

All levels / Experience welcome



We will focus on Self Myofasical Release (breaking down fascia) in certain areas of the body to release tightness and tension. As the body begins to open we will integrate breath work and certain movements that focus on either mobility or stability throughout the body. This practice compliments your yoga practice and enhances your understanding of your own mind and body.

Note: For this session you will need a tennis ball / lacrosse ball and a foam roller – Both of which are available in the studio to purchase.

All levels / Experience welcome