Yoga Mat

All students are required to use a yoga mat. You can bring your own, or purchase one at the studio.

Large Towel

Come prepared to sweat! A bath sized towel will keep you from slipping and absorb perspiration. We also have yoga towels with rubber grips available in the studio for you to purchase.


You can bring water to class. However, drinking too much water in class can make your stomach feel full and uncomfortable. The best advice is to stay hydrated throughout the day so that you need little or no water in class.

Arrive 15 to 30 minutes before class to sign in and settle down. Avoid racing to relax.

Please remove shoes upon arrival. Build your barefoot balance and help us keep the studios clean.

The yoga room is a sanctuary for quiet escape and meditation. Please talk and socialize in the lobby.

Tune in to the verbal cues from our instructors. Listen carefully and hear new insights every class.

For hot yoga classes, acclimating to the heat might take you several classes. At first, simply stay in the room to succeed!

Arrive to class well-hydrated. In hot classes, feel free to take small sips as and when needed.

Unplug and focus. Remember to mute your phone when you arrive. Leave your phone outside of the yoga room.

A place for deep breathing, the yoga room should be free of strong odors. No perfume please.

Before Class:

  • Come a few minutes early, class begins ON TIME
  • Please be on your mat with everything you need two minutes before the teacher enters the room
  • Please remove your shoes and leave them at the door
  • Leave all your belongings and personal items (e.g. mobile devices in the lockers)
  • Lockers are provided BUT you will need to bring a padlock
  • Notify the instructor of any injuries or medical conditions
  • NO TALKING in the yoga room (it is a beautiful silent space)

During Class:

  • Bring only your yoga mat, towel, and bottle of water into the yoga room with you
  • Once you enter the yoga room, please observe silence and refrain from talking at all times
  • Remaining in the room is an important part of the practice.
  • When you are not actively doing a pose, try to remain calm and still therefore not distracting others
  • Listen to the teacher AND your body
  • Try and follow the directions as they are given, to the best of your ability