It was when I first dipped my toe in the Ganga aged 18 I realised something different, I was curious and open to my path unfolding, It wasn’t until 5 years later I first connected to Yoga, I remember how illuminated i felt, a familiar feeling … it was me! I was beginning to come home, to my centre, to my heart.

I have been teaching yoga since 2012 and teacher training since 2018, my style can be expressed as heart centred, nourishing, devotional and empowering, I offer a safe and honest space to explore & embody your true nature. My Inspiration draws from becoming aligned with natures rhythms and cycles, connecting to sacred living and living in ceremony.

I offer great emphasis on unravelling our truth, finding more freedom & liberation, connecting to universal truth, I have spent many years in India and that shines through in my offerings, threading ancient philosophy with practical help to help navigate our inner and outer worlds. Teaches Vinyasa, Yin & Tantra.


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