For Nicole, yoga started as a way to distract her from her school exams and to stretch for her dance competitions. It wasn’t until she revisited yoga 7 years later, when she didn’t know which direction she wanted to go, that she came back to yoga and meditation to find peace within her own thoughts. Nicole felt she was conditioned to think that she had to get a degree and work her way up the corporate ladder, but when she was in the first year of her graduate job in Events Management, she realised how unhappy she was and where her attention was always drawn to… yoga!

So 6 months later she quit her job and travelled to India to do her 200hrs yoga teacher training course at Sampoorna Yoga School in Goa. This was the start of a brand new journey for Nicole! 3 years later, now a full time yoga teacher, Nicole loves practising with her students and watching them grow on their yoga journeys. She has just returned from spending 6 months in India, furthering her knowledge and indulging in the Indian experience.

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