The Hottest Corner In Nottingham


The Hottest Corner In Nottingham

So, we’ve been open just over 2 months and Hot Yoga Nottingham is growing with the studio attracting people from all walks of life.

We are the Hottest Yoga Studio in Nottingham and on The Hottest Corner in Nottingham City Centre. Our Hot Yoga Classes in Nottingham range from 37-40 degrees and you’ll definitely be sweating out your toxins, feeling rejuvenated and forever wanting more Hot Yoga.

The Yoga community in Nottingham has embraced us with open arms and our aim to provide authentic yoga in all of its different styles to the Nottingham community, has not only been a learning curve as a business, but that feeling inside of giving back to the community has forever been a ‘beat‘ in the heart that had to resonate into reality. Our work here at Hot Yoga Nottingham has only just began….

We are a pillar in the community and our mission to serve humanity through yoga is a never ending journey in life. We literally ‘sweat‘ each and everyday to bring beautifully crafted yoga classes, which are led by Our Yoga Teachers who focus on the needs of individual students to provide life changing yoga sessions.

As we continue building the foundations of Hot Yoga Nottingham, we have taken steps to forge strong relationships with local independent businesses that share a common goal towards serving humanity. We’ve noticed how the Nottingham community is strong, supports each other and encourages entrepreneurship. Instrinsically, this way of working in the community to grow in unison is fascinating and delivers endless opportunities for new and emerging businesses with an ethical twist to collaborate and bring unique events to society.

Some of the local businesses that we’ve partnered up with so far include:

Hydrate Zero – The Only Cold Pressed Juicery In Nottingham

Hot Yoga Nottingham
All members of Hot Yoga Nottingham will receive 20% off all cold press juices at Hydrate Zero.

Do you know we have a Special Menu just for Hot Yoga Nottingham!! Order your drinks before your Hot Yoga Class begins and have it delivered fresh in your hand as soon as you step out of your class.

We’ll be bringing you more unique events with Hydrate Zero in the near future! Keep your eyes peeled! 


Sweet Vibes Baker – The Sweetest Vegan Treats in Nottingham

Hot Yoga Nottingham

We are running our first workshop alongside Sweet Vibes Baker on Sunday 25th February 2018.

Check out our instagram post for the workshop. If you’re interested in more workshops like this, get in touch with us…

Click here to find out more about Sweet Vibes Baker


Stay tuned with us for different aspects of yoga, mindfulness, wellness, transformation, spirituality and our journey of delivering the best Hot Yoga in Nottingham.



Anand Parekh

Hot Yoga Nottingham

Hot Yoga Nottingham City Centre
Hot Yoga Nottingham City Centre